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Lester Young

Prez (Lester Young) at Rye Playland, 1958 / Photo: Art Kane
Prez at Rye Playland, 1958
Photo: Art Kane
Copyright 1998 Art Kane Estate

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(I know two fotos taken there.)

Prez (Lester Young), 1958
Prez 1958
L'Arc de Triomphe: Prez (Lester Young) at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Le Soldat Inconnu), 1956 / Photo: Daniel Filipacchi
Paris 1956
L'Arc de Triomphe - Le Soldat Inconnu
Pork-pie in his hands.
DB Blues in mind?
Photo: Daniel Filipacchi

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1956: Prez pictured by Daniel Filipacchi
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